Vaish Model Sr.Sec.School

We are a prominent co-educational English Medium Institution where excellence is nurtured with excellence for excellence.

The school is committed to promote quality education to enhance intellectual, social, cultural visually among its learners thus moving/ fulfilling the goal of holistic development based an development of competency skills, cognitive skills among the students. The school is churning out students at very attractive parts/ in all the areas.

Its academic excellence ,its achievements in District, State, National and even at international levels have made it as the first choice of the parents.

Our aim is to formulate stress free learning environment to develop competent , confident and enterprising citizens who will promote harmony and peace

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Vaish Model Sr.Sec.School United Nations Conference

Founded in 2007, Vaish Model Sr.Sec.School United Nations Conference is one of the largest student-run MUN in India, attracting students from across the nation and beyond.

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So you want your son to study at Vaish Model Sr.Sec.School?

Here’s all you need to know…..

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