Counselling of the students is being carried out by the trained councsellor. The students as well as the parents avail the benefit. Periodic counselling seminars involving the parents as well as the students are being carried out at regular intervals.

The School is committed to provide all the students a positive learning environment, an engaging curriculum and quality teaching. The curriculum is designed to meet each student’s academic, physical, emotional and social learning needs. The school envisions enhancing and facilitating the holistic development of every student.



  • We very much value the communication from home. This is done through personal contact during PTM. Your support is vital if we want to ensure success for your child.
  • Parents’-Teachers’ Meet is organized usually on the last working day of the month.
  • Parents of those students who secure poor marks in the examination are intimated through letters to meet the Class Teacher and Subject Teachers on the specified date & time. In such case, it is mandatory on the part of the parents to come to school and discuss about the performance of their wards.
  • If parents have any problem regarding the progress of their wards, they may contact the teachers after the regular study duration is over on any working day.