LIBRARY The Nerve Centre of the School


"Whenever you read a good book, somewhere in the world a door opens to allow in more light"


Salient Features

  • An excellent collection of about 14000 volumes.
  • Includes Encyclopedias, Reference Books, Literary works in Hindi, English and Sanskrit
  • Literature suited to young minds.
  • Regular subscription to a number of newspapers, magazines and journals on technical and vocational subjects.


Rules & Regulations

  • Senior classes are provided with one library period once a week.
  • Only one book is issued at a time to the students against their library cards for fourteen days.
  • The student of other classes can get the books issued after the regular school hours.
  • If any student has lost a library book or he/she has marked, disfigured or damaged the book, he/she will have to pay the fine decided by the school authorities.
  • Book may be issued to the exemplary, brilliant and needy students for the whole session.
  • The students of classes X and XII are required to submit their library cards at the end of the session to the Library Incharge.