brij lal saraf

It is a blissful moment to see the little stream of education, knowledge, ethics, culture and ethos that began its journey in1980 has evolved in a large river satiating the needs of growing nation and changing time.

The world is changing at a fast pace. Materialistic ideology is so prevalent that it poses a serious threat to ethics, cultural and moral values. Schools, in such a scenario play a very significant role as they can sow the seeds of ethics and cultural values in children when they are still malleable.

What Root Is To Trees Is What Ethics and Cultural Values Is to Society.

Small kids, when they come to school, are far from all negativities of the world that is governed by greed and prejudice. Their hearts are still pure and soft. I am sure that the school, along with providing quality education and ensuring holistic development of the students, is also nurturing them with love and care. I feel proud to see that the educators at the school are fostering the moral and cultural values in students. Transferring the rich social and cultural ethos in the next generation is a guarantee of vibrant, prosperous future.

I congratulate all who have contributed in this journey including Principal, Educators and Parents because this would not have been successful without their incessant and generous support.


- Brij Lal Saraf