"Gold Medals aren't really made of gold. They are made of sweat, determination & a hard to find alloy called guts."


Principal, Smt. Kamla Gureja, being honoured on the occasion of Teacher's Day by Sh. Dharambir Singh, M.P. (Bhiwani-Mahendergarh) in a State Level Function in 2016


Best Students Award

2015-16 - Ms. Ankita
2014-15 - Ms. Priya

Scheme of Prizes

One of the unique featuers of the school is awarding scholarships and awards to those students who show their excellence in academics and co-curricular activities in all the classes. The criteria and amount of annual scholarships are given as per details.

Academic Field

Co-Curricular Field


%age of Marks




National Level

State Level

IX to XI 75% and above Rs. 1500/-   First Rs. 11000/- Rs. 5100/-
VI to VIII 85% and above Rs. 700/-   Second Rs. 7100/- Rs. 3100/-
III to V 90% and above Rs. 400/-   Third Rs. 5100/- Rs. 2100/-
Nursery to II 95% and above Rs. 400/-        


The above mentioned scholarships are not given to those students who have passed their 12th class exam and also those who do not remain on the school rolls for their further studies but special prizes are given to students of classes 10th & 12th who show their excellence in Board Exams as per criteria given below:

(Class X)


(Class XII)


50gm Gold Plated Medal + Rs. 2500/-

CGPA 9.4 - 9.8

50gm Silver Medal + Rs. 2500/-


1st in State (in aggregate)

1st in District (in aggregate)

95% and above (in aggregate)

90% and above (in aggregate)

100% marks (in any subjects)

Highest Marks in District (in any subject)

: Rs. 15000/-

: Rs. 11000/-

: Gold Plated Medal of 50gm + Rs. 2500/-

: Silver Medal of 50gm + Rs. 2500/-

: Gold Plated Medal of 50gm + Rs. 2100/-

: Rs. 2100/-


Note :

1. Class X students will be awarded with the above mentioned prizes only if they continue their studies in the school.

2. If a students is eligible for more than one prize he/she will be entitled for only one prize whichever may be the heighest.

3. Position holders as well as students with 100% attendance in the academic session are also awarded with attractive prizes.




Teachers are also encouraged through awards and remuneration for their performance, results and effectiveness as per the table given below:


Rs. 2100/-

Rs. 1100/-

Rs. 500/-

If all students get 60% as above

If any of their students get highest marks in District

For their 100% result


Beside the prizes on the occasion pf Annual Functions, Teachers Day and in form of other recognition is a regular feature of the school.